Fireside topic list last updated 1997-08-19; this page is of historical interest only. Marilyn and I divorced in 2001. This paragraph updated 2002-03-24.

Bahá'í Firesides in Dayton

My wife, Marilyn Sitaker, and I hold Bahá'í firesides at our house in Dayton, Ohio, each Monday. If you're interested in attending, give us a call at +1 937 277 9638 for directions.

18 August 1997
``Learning to Know and Love God'', Sylvia Hadley
25 August 1997
``The Moral Education of Children'', Linden Qualls
1 September 1997
``The Glory of Christ: A Bahá'í Testimony'', Jim Hagan
8 September 1997
Topic to be announced, David Seagraves
15 September 1997
``Noble Have I Created Thee: Bahá'í teachings on the qualities of Peoples of African Descent'', Marilyn Sitaker
22 September 1997
``The Importance of Agriculture'', Keith Schlessinger
29 September 1997
``Two Wings of a Bird: Bahá'í Statement on Gender Equality'', Beth Nolan
6 October 1997
Topic to be announced, Corrine Strolger
13 October 1997
``Learning to Benefit from Life's Tests'', Jackie Hagan
20 October 1997
Birth of the Báb Holy Day Celebration
27 October 1997
``The Oneness of Humanity'', Karen Abney Korn
3 November 1997
``Music, a Ladder for the Soul's Ascent'', a performance by Kevin Mulhall
10 November 1997
Nothing scheduled yet
17 November 1997
``The Role of Spirituality in Education Reform'', Aurelia Blake
24 November 1997
Nothing scheduled yet