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The Remake of The Athena Widget Set


    Xraw is derived from the well-known Athena Widget Set called as Xaw (author Chris D. Reterson formerly MIT X Consortium). Some ideas were taken from three-D Xaw called as Xaw3d (author Kaleb Keithley and from the well-known Free Widget Foundation library called as FWF (the main person is Bert Bos) and from many others public domain product.
    The main inspiration for Xraw comes from OSF/Motif. So, Xraw is my modest attempt to remake Xaw by addding 3d shadow borders in display and, mainly to approach main public domain widget set as the Xaw is toward to OSF/Motif.
    Some new widgets were created.
    Xraw is compatible with R4 and R5. It compiles cleanly on SunOS 4.1.3, Ultrix 4.4, HP-UX A.09.05.


    Xraw began as part of work on the LEaP molecular graphics program in the AMBER Project at Peter Kollman's lab at the University of California, San Francisco.
    Bill Ross commissioned the work and provided helpful suggestions. It really could not have been done without him - thanks, Bill!
    The picture was rendered by Gena Obukhov (, a wizard of POV-Ray.


Docs have not been made yet for all widgets !!!
Use browsers get on well with HTML's table feature (not Mosaic 2.6).
I am looking for a job. The summary (ascii text) (html).
If you have any suggestions or evil remarks about the library, fill free to contact me.

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The Remaker

Vladimir T. Romanovski

Institute for High Energy Physics (IHEP),
Department of Electronics and Automatization,
142284 Protvino, Serpukhov, Moscow region, RUSSIA

© Updated Jule 1996