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We aren't hackers in the more common sense of the word. We do not break in to any computer systems. Many of us are system administrators who believe in the SAGE Code of Ethics.

We aren't Canonical Software, either. They seem like a nice bunch, though.

Hacker Blurbs

jrbl is currently a scientist doing data visualization and the measurement of human behavior. He's also a recovering sysadmin. He has too many hobbies and interests to count. jasonc is a freelance sysadmin and GNU/Linux consultant. Lately, when he's not blowing things up in virtual environments he's studying math every day or maybe playing with one of his small horde of cats.
evan was a student at Kent State University, where he majored in Computer Science. Sadly, Evan passed away early in 2003. We still miss him a lot. brian works for Playdom, a social gaming company. He hacks on github, blogs occasionally, and bores people on twitter. He is heavily into Craft Beer, Video Games, and photography.
matthew likes to study mathematics and think deep thoughts, when he's not practicing stringed instruments, hacking small projects in Haskell, or hanging out with his loved ones. Oh, and he occaisonally hacks on social software. kragen has worked for a variety of companies doing mostly cool things. In early 2006, he pulled up stakes and headed to South America, to begin exploring how he can empower people through technology. And to work on his Spanish.
brett works an awful lot at a job he loves and likes to spend the rest of his time exploring his complex relationship with video games. Every once in a while, he'll work on small, useful tools (mostly in Python.) paulv is a GNU/Linux consultant who really loves empowering educational institutions to do their jobs better. He's also an active member of his local Perl Mongers and LUG.

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